Thunderbird 38.5.0 is now available / special notice

Wayne Mery (Thunderbird QA) vseerror at
Wed Dec 23 20:40:06 UTC 2015

Thunderbird 38.5.0 is available, and users are getting automatic 
updates.  See 
(the notes are not yet available via Thunderbird)

Now some special notes and a request:

* In a week or two a version 38.5.1 will be made available. It is 
planned, and not necessarily a security update. The primary purpose, 
together with 38.5.0, is to allow Windows XP users to UPDATE Thunderbird 
after Microsoft deprecates SHA1 on the XP platform [1]. (The same thing 
is being done for Firefox [2])

* Request - if you have access to an XP SP2 system, we want to hear from 
you. We need *SP2* users to do some testing. Please email me to volunteer.

* Similar work will be done the Thunderbird beta channel.

* For general information about sha-1/sha-2 (not in the context of the 
product update process) see


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