the answer to "What can be done to get some attention on this?"

R Kent James kent at
Tue Dec 22 18:35:54 UTC 2015

On 12/22/2015 9:29 AM, Paul D. Fernhout wrote:
> So, this is my own spin on: "What can be done to get some attention on 
> this for that bug and many others?" I wrote this as a long email in 
> Thunderbird, but as people often complain about long emails, I put the 
> rest on my website at the end of the "ThunderbirdS Are Grow!" manifesto.

I copied your entire post into a word processing program to scale it - 
53 pages long! Don't expect many people to wade through all of that.

If I might summarize your business plan, quoting from your paper, 
"Ideally some foundation would pour millions (or even billions) of US 
dollars into a new Thunderbird just because it is the right thing to 
do." Obviously this is a gross simplification of 53 pages.

While I admire your passion, there are many serious problems in the 
world, and nobody at a large, wealthy foundation with billions of 
dollars to spend is going to think that maintaining Thunderbird is one 
of them. If the Gates Foundation were to ask me where they should spend 
their money, Thunderbird would not be on my list. Continuing to hold out 
the hope that some Foundation (including Mozilla) is going to decide 
that Thunderbird is a Worthy Cause that should have lots of money is 
just a distraction from us getting down to the hard business of 
operating a viable, realistic organization. If our stakeholders will not 
support us, we have no right to exist. Let's see if they will, but we 
need to understand what that means. Donations from users to support a 
few paid developers is only one way of turning to our stakeholders.


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