the answer to "What can be done to get some attention on this?"

Nomis101 🐝 Nomis101 at
Tue Dec 22 10:45:09 UTC 2015

Am 22.12.15 um 03:59 schrieb R Kent James:
> "This is a critical dataloss bug that I've just hit _again_ - entire 
> emails just vanishing into the ether! That's pretty much the worst sort 
> of data loss in a mail client (OK, perhaps silently deleting incoming 
> email is worse).  What can be done to get some attention on this?"
> That is an important question that really needs a long-term answer, and 
> I think that answer to that question says a lot about where I think that 
> Thunderbird needs to go. Although the particular quote is from a 
> particular person, this message is not directed specifically at him or 
> that bug. It is a common issue that needs some direction.

Thanks for bringing this up. Just yesterday I've read the same question
in another bug which is open since years and can cause dataloss. And I
think some more of us can name bugs which they are would like to see
fixed. I also can name bugs which I would like to see fixed for years.
To solve that problem I've even tried to learn C, C++ and JS to fix this
bugs by myselfe. But this was way too complicated and time-consuming for
me. So, I've joined a developer forum (german osxentwicklerforum), to
get some more insight in programming. But I did not understand a thing
what there where talking about. So, I gave up to learn that by myselfe.
Next, I nominated this bugs for Google summer of code, hoping that some
developer would find interest to fix it. This also didn't help.
Back in 2012 we had this "Important bugs list" campaign in the mailing
list, to get more attraction to some severity bugs. Which was a pretty
good idea. But, If I click today on this link in the former post, there
are still lots of unfixed severity bugs.
All this gives me the impression, that Thunderbird has too less
developers and we really need to do something to solve this issue.
Therefore I like your suggestions and I'm supporting any idea that will
lead us to someone who is a paid developer.

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