Thunderbird as a Web App revisited

Robert Kaiser kairo at
Sun Dec 20 16:45:47 UTC 2015

Ben Bucksch schrieb:
> Robert Kaiser wrote on 20.12.2015 03:51:
>> Ben Bucksch schrieb:
>>> That runtime would need some features that a normal webbrowser does not
>>> have. The absolute minimum that comes to mind is opening TCP sockets, to
>>> allow IMAP/POP3 without proxying, and opening/saving files (even if only
>>> in a certain directory on disk), to store emails persistently locally.
>>> Probably I'm missing a few other things.
>> Both exist in Gecko and have been implemented for Firefox OS (though
>> file access through DeviceStorage is somewhat awkward). They may not
>> be fully implemented on desktop platforms and/or enabled on Firefox
>> but that is a gap that Mozilla wants to close from all I know.
> I know. There are several potential runtimes:
> * XULRunner (without using XUL, and XPCOM only for those few APIs I
> mentioned)
> * FirefoxOS
> * GeckoView in Android (offshoot of Fennec), with adding custom JS APIs
> * NW using node.js

I personally actually think that Thunderbird should either run inside 
Firefox as just HTML, or as a Firefox add-on using WebExtensions.


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