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Mihovil Stanić mihovil at
Fri Dec 18 21:02:42 UTC 2015

Don't really care if there will be elections or not since I think 
current team is leading TB in good direction.
But for legitimacy sake there should be elections sometime in next 6 month.

My suggestion is to copy elections from TDF book. Only TB members can 
vote, and only way you can become TB member is to contribute in some way 
(code, QA, support, marketing, l10n etc...) over some period of time or 
maybe even add people who donate more then XX in period of last 12 
months. Every member gets 1 vote of same value.

Don't see why being vouched Mozillian (I'm actually vouched Mozillian) 
would give you right to vote if you don't have anything to do with TB. 
Maybe for first elections, to apply some kind of filter, but definitly 
not later on.


18.12.2015 u 18:27, Jörg Knobloch je napisao/la:
> I agree with Kent's proposal. The Council currently consists of seven 
> members, which can be found here:
> Or if you want to save the click:
> Kent James, Wayne Mery, Philipp Kewisch, Magnus Melin, Joshua Cranmer, 
> Mike Conley, Florian Quèze.
> Council members are/were active contributors who make the bird fly. If 
> I understand Kent's idea correctly, he wants to replace the 
> not-so-active members with some more active ones.
> Personally I don't see the need for nominations: The Council already 
> knows the people who are suitable new candidates. A public vote is a 
> nice idea, but also unnecessary, since there are no competing parties. 
> Contributing to discussions on tb-planning is nice, but so far I 
> haven't seen anyone step forward to actively and consistently share 
> the *responsibility* for Thunderbird.
> One Tuesday during the bi-weekly meeting Berna from the pEp foundation 
> said the following (quote):
> "Those who do the work should also have the lead, ..." - I fully agree.
> Jorg K.

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