A merged comm-/mozilla-central repository is now available

Magnus Melin mkmelin+mozilla at iki.fi
Fri Dec 18 09:31:37 UTC 2015

I don't know if it's been discussed, but if we can't merge comm-central into 
mozilla-central as such, would it be possible to have comm-central as a long 
time branch under mozilla-central? The main opposition to merging seems to be 
that people "shouldn't have to consider comm" and on a branch it certainly 
would be opt-in.


On 17.12.2015 03:59, Joshua Cranmer 🐧 wrote:
> I think all of the principal actors are aware of this, but some background 
> first:
> The build team has been more or less promising a build system blitz of 
> changes in Q1 2016 to finally move to a saner build system, and the current 
> c-c/m-c repository directory structure is a difficult roadblock to those 
> changes. As someone who has worked on the build system on occasion in the 
> past, I can attest to all the ugliness needed to keep c-c reworking in this 
> regard. It's pretty clear that our current build setup is completely 
> untenable to maintain through the end of Q1 2016, and actually it has been 
> rather untenable for the past several months. I will point out that it's not 
> feasible for us to not use Mozilla's build system, so long as we have 
> substantial C++ code that needs to interact with Gecko internals, and anyone 
> who thinks otherwise is misinformed.
> The only feasible path forward is for us to merge comm-central and 
> mozilla-central into one repository. I (and others) have held out hope that 
> Mozilla could be convinced to let mozilla-central be that repository, but it 
> is pretty clear at this point that it is not to be, and so we must resign 
> ourselves to the fallback option of forking mozilla-central and periodically 
> merging new revisions into mozilla-central.
> Fortunately, I already have a script that can merge the two repositories 
> together into one. The resulting repository is at 
> <http://hg.mozilla.org/projects/cypress/>, and it was produced by a 
> fully-automated script that pulls comm-central, deletes the build system 
> (well, the remnants thereof, most having been gutted by cc-rework quite some 
> time ago), rewrites references to the mozilla/ directory to the top-level, 
> and then pulls and merges mozilla-central with an automated resolution of 
> the two remaining conflicting files (.hgtags and AUTHORS). The cypress 
> repository is dedicated to testing release automation for the necessary 
> changes that need to be made. Once these changes can be identified and we 
> get working builds and tests on all the platform, I expect that we will have 
> a day where we perform the merge and push to comm-central. I'm using bug 
> 787208 to track this change.
> One major important note about the change is that, for the first time since 
> 2008, all the code to build Thunderbird will be in a single repository. As 
> such, client.py will no longer be necessary to build Thunderbird (and 
> indeed, can't be used, since mozilla-central maintains a file named that for 
> importing third-party source repos). It sounds like the SeaMonkey 
> maintainers are planning on pulling DOM inspector and chatzilla into the new 
> repository as well, but I'm not directly involved in that decision.

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