A merged comm-/mozilla-central repository is now available

ishikawa ishikawa at yk.rim.or.jp
Fri Dec 18 04:35:55 UTC 2015

On 2015年12月17日 10:59, Joshua Cranmer 🐧 wrote:
> The cypress repository is dedicated to testing release automation for the
> necessary changes that need to be made. Once these changes can be identified
> and we get working builds and tests on all the platform, I expect that we
> will have a day where we perform the merge and push to comm-central. I'm
> using bug 787208 to track this change.

So this means that occasional patch contributors should not use this
repository, but
we should stand back and let the people who deal with release automation to
look into the
minor details to weed out kinks?

Or do you need some volunteers to occasionally fetch and build locally to
see if anything
worth reporting is found, etc?

It is a pity that a batch synchronization like this is necessary.
But I think it is the only option right now from the look of the discussion
that took place on the mailing list.

Thank *you* and other people within mozilla who have made it possible to
build C-C TB on the current infrastructure so far.

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