A merged comm-/mozilla-central repository is now available

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at beonex.com
Thu Dec 17 19:00:55 UTC 2015

Patrick Cloke wrote on 17.12.2015 17:53:
> This is much more complicated for people who are not experts in version
> control.

That would be done by a script. You currently use "client.py checkout". 
Nothing changes for you.

>> I would be concerned about that, due to repository size. m-c is 20
>> times larger than c-c.
> Why is this a concern? Instead of pulling c-c, then m-c, you pull just
> c-c which includes m-c.

Right. But m-c is 20 times the size of c-c, so c-c is then 20 times 
larger. The repo is the crown perls of the project.

I don't care much about the download size (that's the same either way), 
I care about the repo size, because it's the repo that you need to work 
with when you diff, backup etc.pp..

Also, you have all the m-c commit in-between the c-c commits in the 
commit log.

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