Building betas from mozilla-beta branches

R Kent James kent at
Tue Dec 15 01:03:50 UTC 2015

In comm-esr38 for the last year, we have been building from the 
THUNDERBIRD_38_VERBRANCH of mozilla-esr38. This has allowed us to add or 
remove a few patches that were not landed in mozilla-esr38, but were 
important to Thunderbird.

I would like to start doing this for the current beta builds, beginning 
after out next beta release. (I want to wait until then because we 
completely missed a Thunderbird 43 beta, and I want to get out a 
Thunderbird 44 beta without adding a new twist).

As a general plan for betas, we like to do two per cycle. The first is 
just testing whatever was in aurora with a larger user base. The second 
though in some cases was a test of something that we wanted to land in 
the next esr point release, but wanted to test it first on the beta. 
Without a beta branch, these tests are incomplete if the change is a 
Thunderbird-specific change on mozilla-beta that is not wanted in Firefox.

The extra work involved will be to do a merge of mozilla-beta into the 
Thunderbird branch prior to building betas (which are only done once or 
twice per 6 week cycle). I've been doing this on mozilla-esr38 and the 
work is manageable.

Any objections or comments?


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