Why we need Gecko updates

R Kent James kent at caspia.com
Thu Dec 10 23:06:00 UTC 2015

I'm sorry, my posting came out much more negative than I had intended. I 
was not an insider in the days when Gaia email was initiated, so I don't 
know the full story of the how or why. But still, I think it is a pity 
that we have not figured out ways to work together better. I certainly 
hope that we can achieve more convergence in the future.

In my dreams there is a grand coalition of several key players in the 
open-source email client world, that would all work together to make 
something that could be truly competitive to the mega players in this 
space. Thunderbird is part of that dream team, as well as Gaia email, 
Postbox, and perhaps other newer players like N1 or others.

I don't believe I am the right person to lead that team, but if we could 
at least start talking, maybe the right leadership would emerge. I do 
not think that lots of small teams is going to ever compete seriously 
with Microsoft and Google, but a larger coalition might, so let's talk.

I am pushing very hard to get the JsAccount work landed in TB 45, so 
that JS-based backends could hook into TB. The Gaia Active Sync 
implementation would be a great demo of that, perhaps I'll look into 
that. If you have other ideas of ways we could try to work together, I 
would love to hear it. I know you have been thinking about expanding the 
Gaia Email work into a desktop client. If you do, how can we work 
together instead of apart?


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