Why we need Gecko updates

R Kent James kent at caspia.com
Thu Dec 10 20:44:18 UTC 2015

On 12/10/2015 12:09 PM, Jim wrote:
> I'd argue that at least a couple could be moved to Thunderbird. 2-3 
> full-time developers on Thunderbird could make a huge difference, and 
> combining our efforts with the Firefox OS productivity team would help 
> both parties out.
As far as I am concerned, it was a huge strategic error of Mozilla to 
keep these teams separate in the first place. At Toronto a couple of 
months ago we heard some anecdotes about how firm the resolve was of 
Mozilla to prevent Thunderbird from infecting the Gaia email team.

I have been very reluctant personally though to push any attempt to 
revive Thunderbird funding onto Mozilla. The reason for that is that I 
assume that Mozilla management believes that interactions we have with 
them are subtle attempts to ask for money. I don't want to reinforce 
that, and I still think that we have no right to Firefox money. But I 
welcome attempts from other people to make the case.

The fact that Thunderbird continues to grow in spite of official 
neglect, while many other initiatives of Firefox have failed to live up 
to expectations, shows that there is something missing in the standard 
Mozilla description of what Thunderbird is, and how it is doomed to 
failure and oblivion. Pay attention to your customers! They might know 
something that we don't know.

On a related note, I have a Google hangout scheduled tomorrow with the 
CEO of Nylas, who make the N1 email client. That is an innovative 
desktop client using a lot of the technologies we have been talking 
about considering. I don't have any brilliant ideas of how we could work 
together, but I do believe fundamentally that we could be more effective 
together than apart (they are GPL with a corporate, venture-funded plan 
for monetization). Pity that I am talking to them and not Mozilla Gaia 


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