Re: Why we need Gecko updates

Aceman acelists at
Thu Dec 10 11:02:26 UTC 2015

What is that tax really?

Is there any noticeable work by FF devs to code stuff for TB?
They even called it "demands" from TB in the official message. Is there anything in m-c that was added just by TB requiring it? Is there code in m-c that they want to remove but can't because of TB? I am not aware of these cases, but maybe there are some. That is why I ask.

Or is it just that TB building/tests run on their servers? But then that does not affect the future direction of Firefox in any way.
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> Predmet: Re: Why we need Gecko updates
>On 12/9/2015 11:37 AM, Magnus Melin wrote:
>> I'd like to add to the above that forking m-c isn't likely as long as 
>> we could still build Thunderbird from it. If building gets impossible 
>> then you'd have to go from there.
>> Besides lacking security updates you'd also build on dead-end 
>> technology and nobody really wants to work with that a few years down 
>> the line.
>I fully agree with this - up to a point. But the issue we face is this: 
>MoCo is telling us that they do not want to spend any time on 
>Thunderbird-related issues. If we take them at their word, then all of 
>these requests we make to m-c for changes to support Thunderbird will no 
>longer be accepted. In that case, m-c changes WILL break us. The option 
>you are presenting is one that MoCo is telling us is not possible.
>As I see it, you are asking that we assume that MoCo will continue with 
>the status quo of the last few years, that is that they will give 
>minimum attention to Thunderbird, but they will still keep us building. 
>What I keep hearing them say is that they want to stop doing this, 
>because the tax on Firefox is too great.

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