Why we need Gecko updates

Axel Grude axel.grude at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 21:39:24 UTC 2015

> > Gervase Markham wrote on 18.09.2015 15:32:
> >> To put it another way: "what would we have lost if we had forked m-c two
> >> years ago"?
> Two examples beside security bugs:
> * Ongoing improvements to the JS engine and APIs: Within the past two
> years, this includes (off the top of my head) ES6, Promises, Tasks,
> OS.File, shutdown blockers. These have already been very useful, and are
> key for any attempt to move more of the backend code from C++ to JS.
true. I used three out of these five and had to write wrappers to keep my Addons 
Postbox compatible. So there is an argument for staying "in sync" as long as possible 
to benefit from more improvements. The question is whether (in an ideal world) we 
should prepare a parallel / alternative platform for an exit strategy. I have very 
little hope that there will be funds / willingness for a "rewrite" to completely move 
away from m-c...


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