Why we need Gecko updates

Magnus Melin mkmelin+mozilla at iki.fi
Wed Dec 9 19:37:24 UTC 2015

On 09.12.2015 03:46, R Kent James wrote:
> I think that Postbox has basically just said that users don't care 
> that much about security updates, so neither do they. I don't think 
> that they do them, or at least if they do only a few. Security updates 
> are like a religion at Mozilla, and yet the lack of pushback to 
> Postbox on this issue shows that users are not that concerned. Not 
> that we should drop our religion, just saying that if we want to be 
> open to all options, we should at least ask "Maybe security updates 
> are not as important as we think that they are?" BenB, I only said as 
> the question, I am not implying that I know the answer.
> I still hold to my estimates from a few months ago. That is, TB 45 and 
> 52 will ship in sync with the Mozilla esr versions. After that (59?) 
> we will be on a fork of m-c, and probably can only maintain that with 
> security updates for a year at best. But that is of course a wild 
> estimate.

I'd like to add to the above that forking m-c isn't likely as long as we 
could still build Thunderbird from it. If building gets impossible then 
you'd have to go from there.

Besides lacking security updates you'd also build on dead-end technology 
and nobody really wants to work with that a few years down the line.


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