Thunderbird exceeds ten million ADI (active daily user metric) for the first time ever!

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Sat Dec 5 13:50:59 UTC 2015


Good news!


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> *Subject:* Thunderbird exceeds ten million ADI (active daily user metric) for the 
> first time ever!
> *To:* Tb-planning
> *From: *R. Kent James
> *Sent: *Saturday, 05/12/2015 00:07:30 00:07 GMT ST +0000 [Week 48]
> On Monday, November 30, 2015, the ADI count for Thunderbird exceeded 10,000,000 
> users for the first time ever. Total ADI was 10,032,270. Using standard multipliers 
> to convert ADI to actual users, the total user count for Thunderbird is 
> approximately 25,000,000 users.
> Top countries, in order, were Germany, Japan, United States, France, Italy, Poland, 
> Russian Federation, Spain, United Kingdom, and Brazil.
> Congratulation to all for continuing to keep this great product alive and growing!
> (ADI is determined from counting pings to a blocklist download that is done daily 
> for Mozilla applications. It represents users that were able to access the blocklist 
> on a particular day. Actual product users are typically significantly higher because 
> 1) Some users are behind firewalls, 2) not all users access their email daily. A 
> multiplier factor of 2.5 is typically used to convert to total users based on 
> experience with other Mozilla applications.) 

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