Thunderbird exceeds ten million ADI (active daily user metric) for the first time ever!

R. Kent James rkent at
Sat Dec 5 00:07:30 UTC 2015

On Monday, November 30, 2015, the ADI count for Thunderbird exceeded 
10,000,000 users for the first time ever. Total ADI was 10,032,270. 
Using standard multipliers to convert ADI to actual users, the total 
user count for Thunderbird is approximately 25,000,000 users.

Top countries, in order, were Germany, Japan, United States, France, 
Italy, Poland, Russian Federation, Spain, United Kingdom, and Brazil.

Congratulation to all for continuing to keep this great product alive 
and growing!

(ADI is determined from counting pings to a blocklist download that is 
done daily for Mozilla applications. It represents users that were able 
to access the blocklist on a particular day. Actual product users are 
typically significantly higher because 1) Some users are behind 
firewalls, 2) not all users access their email daily. A multiplier 
factor of 2.5 is typically used to convert to total users based on 
experience with other Mozilla applications.)

R. Kent James
Chair, Thunderbird Council

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