pep financing proposal

Gervase Markham gerv at
Fri Dec 4 14:05:47 UTC 2015

On 04/12/15 08:45, R. Kent James wrote:
> continuing to talk to the p≡p Foundation, and it would be great if
> everyone could avoid rushing to judgement and give us some space to work
> through the complicated issues involved.

To add to that: I had a long call with Volker Birk this morning my time,
and it's clear that there are (at the very least) some significant
communications and relational issues here which need to be resolved
before this project could have any hope of proceeding. It's not as
simple as "just say Yes".

I think it's possible that we can resolve them, but it would help
immensely if (despite press cycles and a desire to respond to what
people are saying) everyone could just _stop_talking_ about this
entirely until we are in a better place. One thing I have already been
amazed by is the capacity of messages which are intended to calm things
down or provide mature perspective to actually have the opposite effect,
which may not be the intention of the poster.

Consider this a form of conversational "on hold" - I'm not trying to
stop anyone making their points permanently, or endorsing the current
picture as a true and accurate one, or saying that correcting the record
doesn't matter. I just want you all to pretend that you've gone
somewhere on holiday without email for two weeks, as far as Thunderbird
and PEP are concerned. Two weeks because that takes us past Orlando,
which is not going to be a good time for nuanced and relaxed
consideration of complex issues, and gives us a little space on the
other side. I commit to coming back to the list then with a status update.

Please believe me when I assure you that if you want a Thunderbird/PEP
deal to happen, this is the best thing for all Thunderbird supporters to
do right now.


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