About what p≡p is and how it (roughly) works

Hernani Marques (pEp Foundation) hernani.marques at pep.foundation
Fri Dec 4 12:56:48 UTC 2015

Hello Thunderbird community and interested people

I'm TB user, p≡p Foundation council member and CryptopPrty / CCC activist.

First of all, I want to emphasize that following the Snowden
relevations, we -- at the Chaos Computer Club in Zurich (and
Switzerland) -- always proposed Thunderbird as the mail client to use,
in conjunction with gpg4win / GPGTools & GnuPG (depending on the
platform) in conjunction with Enigmail.

We were keen to show people how to use Thunderbird with these
technologies, but quickly realized that people couldn't really use
encryption by themselves afterwards with their friends and institutions,
because they still considered it to be way too complicated.

It's apparent, people should experience no hassle for using encryption.
That's what p≡p basically is: CryptoPartys put into code (or a protocol).

That's one key reason why Thunderbird for purely political reasons has
to survive.

Secondly, from what I read in the ongoing discussion on this mailing
list there's still uncertainity regarding how p≡p works from a technical

Without being to verbose, I suggest you have a look at this two URLs:

Communication strategy: http://pep-project.org/2014-10/s1412944511.html
Current src code repos: https://cacert.pep.foundation/trac/

If you prefer a graphical presentation of the p≡p architecture, please
consider this URL:




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