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On 02/12/15 10:14, Dave Koelmeyer wrote:
> On 2015-12-02 04:02, Patrick Cloke wrote:
>> Maybe not quite "Thunderbird is dead", but a bit of a sensational-ized
>> post is on Hacker News:
>> I've already had two friends ask me questions like "Mozilla is trying
>> to...basically kill...Thunderbird?"
>> Just anecdotal experience though. :)
> Also, and
> this is what I'm getting at – not "this has been in train for some
> time and the post contains nothing new for those in the know". From an
> end-user view I doubt many people are going to dig into the detail,
> and I strongly suspect this is going to be spun from some quarters
> (including competing products) as Thunderbird is dead/dying/being
> killing and such. A updated blog post perhaps stating and summarising
> some facts (e.g. "we're here, we're growing, we've pushed out n
> releases since being community driven and will continue to do so")
> could be useful to deflect this and reassure folks who use the product.

Well that didn't take long:

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