pep financing proposal

Mark Banner mbanner at
Fri Dec 4 08:55:41 UTC 2015

On 03/12/2015 21:55, Patrick Brunschwig wrote:
> Frankly speaking, I'm very disappointed by the decision the Council has
> taken. I fully agree with Ben that this would have been a dream solution
> for me, and I would indeed like to hear the main arguments from both
> sides. After all, this agreement could have secured the (financial)
> future of Thunderbird for the foreseeable time.
> I just hope that the Council has offer(s) from other partner(s) on the
> table to secure the future of Thunderbird, otherwise I'm starting to get
> slightly worried. The least thing I would want is a fork from Thunderbird.

I really don't like the tone here. The council was elected by the 
community and given responsibility to lead the project and have 
authority. We need to trust them and allow them to lead.

You might not like the decision (if any decision has indeed been made), 
but from what I can tell, your dislike is based on "this was an offer of 
some money and integrating p=p with Thunderbird".

You're welcome to dislike it on that basis. I think its also reasonable 
to ask for the reasons if they can be disclosed suitably (unfortunately 
details of potential financial transactions can always be a bit 
sensitive even in public projects).

However, as you do not have all the details, knowledge of the 
discussions, etc, I think it is unfair of you to start threatening ("I 
just hope that the Council...", "The least thing I would  want is a 
fork...") the council based on incomplete facts. How do you not know if 
there are small devils waiting in the detail (like support for only so 
long)? - I really doubt there would be, but we simply don't know.


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