pep financing proposal

Joshua Cranmer 🐧 pidgeot18 at
Thu Dec 3 19:06:56 UTC 2015

On 12/3/2015 12:42 PM, Ben Bucksch wrote:
> From what I understand, they already had an understanding, ready to be 
> signed. But finally, Kent James declined their offer. I don't 
> understand why, and speaking personally with Volker, I frankly don't 
> see a reason. Kent, do you see an overwhelming reason to throw that 
> into the wind?

That is not the case. You are hearing only one half of the story. Since 
a lot of the relevant communication has been conducted in private, I 
shan't repeat it. However, I will say that if you were to only hear the 
other half, you would think that pEp were conducting a bait-and-switch 
operation to hijack control of the Thunderbird project. The truth is 
obviously somewhere in the middle, and this is a good object lesson in 
why one should endeavor to hear all sides of a story before drawing 

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