pep financing proposal

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Thu Dec 3 18:42:56 UTC 2015

Hey all Thunderbird developers,

I just read in German news
that the p≡p Foundation had offered to continue financing the 
Thunderbird project, with a significant sum of money. The news item 
didn't say how much.

I just had a very long conversation with Volker Birk, the head of p≡p, 
and he confirmed the offer. The p≡p foundation only tried to make 
encryption and privacy ubiquitous, using strong crypto and peer to peer, 
a goal that in my opinion surely is a good one. More than that, it would 
also be a strong feature for Thunderbird, because it's the *only* 
remaining large email client that runs on my computer, aside from 
Outlook, and after Snowden, many people look for privacy solutions, so 
Thunderbird would have a strong argument for end users there. Volker 
said that the p≡p foundation is very pragmatic and only tries to make 
privacy ubiquitous, and it's only for that goal that they want 
Thunderbird to survive, and they consider Thunderbird critical for that 
end. They very well financed and willing to put up money to help us.

 From what I understand, they already had an understanding, ready to be 
signed. But finally, Kent James declined their offer. I don't understand 
why, and speaking personally with Volker, I frankly don't see a reason. 
Kent, do you see an overwhelming reason to throw that into the wind?

To me, this seems like the dream solution. An idealistic, well-funded 
foundation considers us important and wants us to continue and offers us 
money. And even contribute a critically important feature. Why not take it?

Ben Bucksch

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