Mitchell Baker's memo

Patrick Cloke patrick at
Tue Dec 1 15:02:05 UTC 2015

On 12/1/15 4:28 AM, Gervase Markham wrote:
> On 01/12/15 08:51, Dave Koelmeyer wrote:
>> Apropos of the subject line, I expect this to kick off a second wave of
>> hysteria in the blogosphere about Thunderbird being "dead". 
> Well, I would hope not. AIUI, it was written somewhat carefully to avoid
> precipitating exactly that. It may be that there are additional
> preventative actions that could be taken but really, anyone who takes
> that line really isn't reading what was written.
Maybe not quite "Thunderbird is dead", but a bit of a sensational-ized
post is on Hacker News:
I've already had two friends ask me questions like "Mozilla is trying
to...basically kill...Thunderbird?"

Just anecdotal experience though. :)


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