Mitchell Baker's memo

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Tue Dec 1 09:25:24 UTC 2015

Dear Dave,

do you have a link to the memo? can't find it on her blog...


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> *Subject:* Mitchell Baker's memo
> *To:* Tb-planning
> *From: *Dave Koelmeyer
> *Sent: *Tuesday, 01/12/2015 08:51:31 08:51 GMT ST +0000 [Week 48]
> Hey folks,
> Apropos of the subject line, I expect this to kick off a second wave of
> hysteria in the blogosphere about Thunderbird being "dead". I'll be
> pushing positive news and articles as per normal on the social networks,
> but some discussion about how we might prepare for this could might be a
> good idea – perhaps an official blog post from the Council's view which
> we could promulgate.
> Cheers,
> Dave

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