Re: Thunderbird and end-to-end email encryption – should this be a priority?

Patrick Brunschwig patrick at
Wed Aug 26 06:17:32 UTC 2015

On 25.08.15 23:39, Axel Grude (Axel) wrote:
>> On 8/25/15 3:54 PM, Nomis101 wrote:
>> > Am 25.08.15 um 21:09 schrieb Patrick Cloke:
>> >> On 8/25/15 2:30 PM, Nomis101 wrote:
>> >>>> Am 25.08.15 um 11:31 schrieb R Kent James:
>> >>>>>> This is the text from a blog post today on the Thunderbird blog:
>> >>>> Interesting, that you mentioned this. Just today I've read this [1]
>> >>>> german article, telling that United-Internet (gmx, and 1&1) is
>> >>>> now supporting an easy way to encrypt emails with OpenPGP. But you need
>> >>>> an Add-On for Firefox or Chrome for that (so, it seems not to work with
>> >>>> Thunderbird).
>> >> Why would it not work with Thunderbird? If it sends standard PGP email,
>> >> I think it would work?
>> >>
>> > Because you need to install the Add-On "mailvelope" in Firefox. And this
>> > Add-On does not install (per default) in Thunderbird.
>> I don't want to get too focused on this implementation in this thread,
>> but my point was that if it's doing PGP properly, then I'd hope using
>> Enigmail in Thunderbird, would let you read messages sent using this
>> extension in Firefox. (I.e. I wasn't implying you should be able to
>> install that extension.)
> ok, pgp uses assymetric encryption, but I don't how a specific 
> implementation in a _web browser_ is awfully relevant. The first point
> for enabling wider adoption I would focus on is other _email clients_
> such as Outlook or apple mail, and see what mechanisms / programs /
> plugins are available for decryption.
> Are you saying there should be an Enigmail version for Firefox?

No, GMX and 1&1 use Mailvelope. Interoperability between Mailvelope and
Enigmail is confirmed to work in both directions.


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