Re: Thunderbird and end-to-end email encryption – should this be a priority?

Patrick Brunschwig patrick at
Tue Aug 25 16:07:30 UTC 2015

On 25.08.15 13:00, Chris Ramsden wrote:
> On 2015-08-25 11:11, Dave Koelmeyer wrote:
>> Hi Kent,
>> On 25/08/15 21:31, R Kent James wrote:
>>> This is the text from a blog post today on the Thunderbird blog:
>>> See
>>> Should this be a focus for Thunderbird development?
>> Insofar as it being a critical differentiating feature for
>> Thunderbird, I think so yes. There is likely a niche to be made here
>> for particularly sensitive industries where endpoint encryption in an
>> email client would be a powerful selling point (something I am pushing
>> myself with Thunderbird and prospective clients). Having said that,
>> Enigmail's setup wizard is actually pretty straightforward (albeit
>> generally still needs a little technical know-how and explanation to
>> get up and running for non-technical users).
>> Cheers,
>> Dave
> Kent,
> I believe we should add Enigmail to your list of add-ons with binary
> components.

No, Enigmail does not have binary components anymore. There used to be a
small C library called via js-ctypes, but even that's gone away in the
last few weeks.

I'd be happy to have Enigmail integrated in Thunderbird. I do agree with
Gerv that it needs more than just Enigmail as it is today. We are
currently working on making Enigmail more user-friendly and improve
usability. And we're also working on finding ways to improve the
certificate distribution issue and get away to some degree from the web
of trust.


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