Council Elections

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Mon Aug 24 20:45:55 UTC 2015

They are not really overdue, the expectation is that we would have 
another revisit of the Council at the one year point, which is in October.

One complication has been that we are still trying to find the correct 
financial and legal home for Thunderbird, as I discussed in a posting in 
July to this list. I've had discussions with several open source 
sponsorship organizations in the last couple of months, and also as I 
discussed in that email, Software Freedom Conservancy is still the 
leading candidate.

The interaction with Council elections is that whatever group we 
affiliate with is likely to have at least expertise on this kind of 
governance issue, if not specific requirements as to how it is done. So 
that gives us an incentive to put off as long as possible putting a 
structure in place, hoping that whoever we affiliate with can play a 
role in getting that organized.

What I expect, based on the experience at the Summit, is that the design 
of process to choose the Council will be controversial, but the actual 
candidate list will not be. Call me chicken, but getting a third party 
to help with the process will make it easier. But the real hard part is 
getting qualified people to serve and participate at all, not choosing 
among qualified candidates with differing perspectives.

The time may come where a major controversy requires resolving, so the 
process needs to be established and will be. But don't be surprised if 
October comes and we delay revisiting the Council for a few months while 
we settle the legal and financial sponsorship issue. The Council 
governance is not the top priority here.


On 8/24/2015 1:18 PM, Benjamin Kerensa wrote:
> As I understand it reelections for council appear to be overdue is 
> there any plan to have them?
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