Thunderbird smoothness [was Re: Fwd: Re: [bedrock] Fix Bug 1150083 - Make Fx38 Win64 build ofbeta Available on (#2884)]

Robert Kaiser kairo at
Tue Apr 28 11:59:06 UTC 2015

Wayne Mery (Thunderbird QA) schrieb:
>  > (as well janky due to sync code, but 64bit doesn't change that),
> Thunderbird code was inherently janky before sync, i.e. before version
> 3.  It just got worse after version 3 because of cheaper disk, cheap
> email, increased use of email as an essential business tool (often with
> huge archives), and sync - all of which has resulted in ever increasing
> folder sizes - and broken IO buffering mentioned below.

I did mean synchronous code when I said "sync code", I did not mean some 
kind of synchronization mechanism (not sure what you actually mean 
there). I think we all agree we need to use way more async code 
(off-main-thread IO etc.) to eliminate jank - and that this is 
independent of 64bit (after all, I see SeaMonkey mailnews blocking the 
whole app again and again and I'm on 64bit Linux builds).


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