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Mihovil Stanić mihovil at
Fri Apr 24 11:18:43 UTC 2015

I managed to setup maildir and since I have almost 20GB of emails (some 
folders contain around 12000 messages), I will be able to see if it 
works or not. :)

Anyway, my initial impression is that maildir visibility when creating 
new mail account is BAD.
I spent 30 min and 4 profile deletions until I found out HOW to enable 
If you just installed TB, you will be prompted with account creation 
wizard. That wizard has NO reference to maildir at all. To enable it, 
you must go trough whole wizard, setup everything, but don't click "FINISH".
When you have setup everything, go advanced setting, and then find your 
account, go to SERVER SETTINGS, then on very bottom, there is small text 
"TYPE OF MESSAGE STORAGE", switch to maildir and OK.

This is not very intuitive and most people will not even know maildir 
exists. Type of storage should me inside accout setup wizard.

Best regards,

24.04.2015 u 13:13, Wayne Mery (Thunderbird QA) je napisao/la:
> To requote Kent, who has probably used this the most, "I've been 
> running with maildir on IMAP for several months now with no issues."
> But best to judge for yourself what may or may not affect you, by 
> digging in to bugzilla (you can edit to suit 
> your requirements). There are 5 dataloss bugs there. Two of which are 
> fixed. The other 3 may or may not affect you.

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