Thunderbird 38 beta 2 & maildir

Maurice maurice at
Fri Apr 24 10:54:38 UTC 2015

On Thursday 23 Apr 2015 07:01:26 Tanstaafl wrote:

> I'm guessing that maildir won't be the default storage option on new
> installs for 38?
> Thanks, I'm tempted to try it...

  As someone who has been looking to jump ship from Kmail to Tbird, I've been 
trying the Beta1 with success so far, so will try Beta2 soon.

Of particular interest (from the point of view of cloning a Tbird installation 
and also simple import from e.g. Kmail) has been the apparent ability to 
update a Tbird maildir folder by use of (under Linux - Mageia-4) the 'rsync' 
facility to update only those email msgs that are new or changed. Example:

  (Command issued all on 1 line!  1st row below is the 'from', 2nd the 'to'):

rsync -avx ~/mail/ 

Following that rsync  command one must then do 'Repair folder' for every 
changed folder to re-index, as - unlike KMail - Tbird does not (yet!) 
automatically do that.

(I also use Rsync for incremental backups, which is a major reason why  
maildir is preferred, so that only changed msg files are updated.)

No problem with filters so far...

I've been running Tbird in conjunction with KMail, by - when looking for new 
emails - running Tbird first (leaving msgs on POP3 server), then KMail to 

   (Not using IMAP)

/\/\aurice  (Retired on the Hampshire/Surrey border in the UK)

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