Combined From/Recipient column ("Correspondents") in thread pane - What do you think?

Jörg Knobloch jorgk at
Fri Apr 10 20:11:37 UTC 2015

On 10/04/2015 15:59, Andrew J. Buehler wrote:
> what would the convertor code do in a case where someone has_both_  the
> - From and the To columns visible, in the same folder? This may be an
> unlikely case, but if someone did do it intentionally, none of the
> possible courses of action I can think of (except leaving the columns
> untouched) seems more likely to avoid disrupting the user's intent than
> any other. (Especially if the columns are not adjacent.)

The current implementation removes any From and Recipient column it 
finds and replaces it with Correspondents. If both columns are present, 
the position of the Recipient column is used.

If an automatic upgrade is desired, the user should be able to disable 
it via a preference, like Firefox' new searchbox 

I suggest to turn auto-upgrade off be default. Having it on by default 
would mean that users who really don't want it need to research how to 
turn it off.

I raised bug 1152706 on the issue.

Jorg K.

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