PSA: Upcoming changes to the creation of Necko channels

Ehsan Akhgari ehsan.akhgari at
Mon Apr 6 17:24:11 UTC 2015

On 2015-04-03 9:09 AM, Tanstaafl wrote:
> On 4/2/2015 10:27 PM, Ehsan Akhgari <ehsan.akhgari at> wrote:
>> Next week, I'm planning to land the patches to bug 1149853 which enables
>> Gecko to track which RequestContext [1] a network fetch is being
>> performed for.
> Hi Ehsan,
> I perused the referenced bug (and bugs it referenced), but am still at a
> loss...
> Can you elaborate just a tiny bit about the benefit this will provide
> (both to Firefox and Thunderbird)?

The benefit this provides to Firefox is making it possible for the 
service worker which intercepts a fetch to see what context the Request 
is coming from.  Please consult the following specs for the terminology 
I'm using here if you're not familiar with it: 

I don't think this work benefits Thunderbird, but it changes the way 
that Necko channels are created which will probably break Thunderbird 
unless the call sites in comm-central are fixed.  The design is still in 
flux though, please watch the bug or this thread for further development.

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