Thunderbird 38.0b1 is here!

Wayne Mery (Thunderbird QA) vseerror at
Fri Apr 3 18:31:57 UTC 2015

Version 38 beta has arrived!  Kent blogged with a nicely formatted 
of What's New, suitable for tweeting, liking, etc.  For a sorted look at 
where changes occurred use bug list ordered by component 

This email brings to you two easy requests :

- 38 Beta users and eventually release users will generate more bug 
reports and support requests, so a couple minutes per week of your time 
helping users in SUMO 
<> or recent new 
unconfirmed bugs 
over the next 2-3 months will be *fantastic***. Pick a bug or support 
request or two, and help it on it's way.  More eyes will more quickly 
surface important issues to developers, so they can be handled in a 
timely manner. (For a bigger perspective of the issues being worked see 
recent new confirmed and closed bugs 
And instead of querying for new bugs you may want to set bugzilla to 
watch a Thunderbird product component 
<> to get 
bugmail for the Untriaged component for example.  Tweak the Component 
column of Email Preferences 
<> to adjust the 
amount of mail you get.)
- If you are able, please install and use the beta 
<> to make sure 
everything you know and love is still working.  Then file bugs 
<> and 
notify add-on authors of problems or successes. Reproducible issues 
filed in bugzilla will be especially helpful, including crashes. Be sure 
to identify yourself as running beta 38, and  remember 38 *is* beta with 
a lot of change so use appropriate precautions.

Your testing, reporting, and aid will help deliver a better product to 
the general public.

Thank you for helping and being part of the Thunderbird community.
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