Fwd: Re: [bedrock] Fix Bug 1150083 - Make Fx38 Win64 build ofbeta Available on moz.org (#2884)

Robert Kaiser kairo at kairo.at
Thu Apr 2 12:10:01 UTC 2015

Aceman schrieb:
> Pure JS extensions should work, the problem are binary addons (like mentioned Lightning) and third party plugins (like Flash). User must match them correctly. Even on 64bit Windows the default Internet Explorer is 32bit (the 64bit version is hidden in the menu for advanced users).

Plugins should be less of a problem for Thunderbird than for Firefox. 
Add-ons are a topic for both, sure, esp. Lightning and EnigMail, I guess.

> And of course there could be hidden problems (crashes, memory leaks, read of incorrect memory) if there is some C++ code that somehow hardcodes 32bit pointer size (4 bytes) while other code using that same pointer expects platform native size (8 bytes for 64bit OS), etc.

In Firefox, we don't seem to have any significant issues there nowadays, 
but mailnews code is probably completely untested for 64bit Windows - 
that said, we are compiling 64bit for Linux and Mac, so pointer size 
issues should not really be a problem as we'd find them on the other 
OSes as well.

The upside is that 64bit means that there is no 3GB or 4GB limit on 
virtual memory size, and so the mailnews code, which is known for being 
quite memory-hungry (as well janky due to sync code, but 64bit doesn't 
change that), will probably like the fact that it's not constrained in 
terms of virtual memory and run more smoothly.


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