Fwd: Re: [bedrock] Fix Bug 1150083 - Make Fx38 Win64 build of beta Available on moz.org (#2884)

R Kent James kent at caspia.com
Wed Apr 1 20:24:55 UTC 2015

Looking at this briefly, FF will offer win64 in standard download 
locations for the nightly, aurora, and beta channels. But the one-click 
download will still be win32. See 
https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/developer/all/ for the aurora 
channel, the referenced change (which does not appear to have made it to 
production yet) does the equivalent for the beta channel, so it has been 
available on aurora (developer edition) for awhile.

We only build win64 on the nightly channel as I understand it. Our 
totally nightly channel users are less than 1000, so I suspect we have 
at the most 10-20 win64 users. That is, this is unsupported and 
virtually untested. So while our total ADI is estimated at approximately 
1/20th that of FF, our win64 usage is probably many orders of magnitude 
less than Firefox. So we need to be asking ourselves how to get some 
people to test this, before we start offering on beta. But I think we 
should start building on aurora and beta at least.

Let me ask another, related question.  Firefox detailed download page 
shows Linux and Linux-64: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/all/

Why don't we show Linux-64 at 


On 4/1/2015 12:33 PM, Philipp Kewisch wrote:
> Heads up, it looks like Firefox is making win64 builds more visible. 
> Should we?
> Philipp
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