Are we signing Thunderbird with codesign v2 ?

Josiah Bruner josiah at
Thu Sep 25 14:43:32 UTC 2014

Could you link me to these reports? This *should not* be happening, we 
should have a longer time before we're forced to switch. Of course I 
have to say I was skeptical with Apple. Are these users on 10.10 or 10.9?

Firefox is planning to land this in Gecko 34, and we should have the new 
code signing at (about) the same time. (See:

Josiah Bruner
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On 9/25/14 12:01 AM, Matt Harris wrote:
> On 23/09/2014 10:52 AM, Josiah Bruner wrote:
> Ok, 31.1.2 in response to 2014-73 is out and the first support 
> requests pertaining to certificate issues are in.  Given that Apple 
> customers tend to update operating systems quickly, I suggest this is 
> slightly more urgent that is was.
> From the support perspective, can anyone advise when an appropriately 
> signed version will be available for OSX?
> The current workaround of modifying the security and privacy settings 
> to allow it to open are not really a good example to set.
> Regards
> Matt
>> We're close. Most stuff is cross-platform, so when Firefox merges the 
>> stuff in the oak branch to release we'll be mostly set. As for our 
>> porting, :rstrong was kind enough to offer to port anything necessary 
>> to Thunderbird for us, so I'll only have to review the patches. \o/
>> I have to approval from Mozilla to get my Developer Program License 
>> renewed, as well as a VMWare license, which is necessary to test 
>> first-time Gatekeeper interaction, but after that it should be smooth 
>> sailing.
>> Also, I have some extra information that makes this whole deal a 
>> little less urgent, but I can't broadcast that here unfortunately. 
>> Feel free to ping me privately if you'd like that information.
>> Josiah Bruner
>> Thunderbird Front-End & UX
>> OS X Developer
>> On 9/22/14 5:28 PM, Nomis101 wrote:
>>> 10.9.5 ist out. So, will this now affect Thunderbird? I have seen, that
>>> most of the FF patches for Mac v2 signing are checked in to 
>>> projects/oak.
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