Wiki page for Thunderbird 2014 Fundraising Appeal

Alessandro Vesely vesely at
Fri Sep 19 16:44:49 UTC 2014

On Mon 15/Sep/2014 20:29:21 +0200 Kent James wrote: 
>> users on a wiki page:

I think a general statement about email should be made.  For example,
it allows anyone to get in touch with anyone else, privately, with no
prior arrangements, and at almost no cost.  That feature seems to me
to be rather unique.  At the same time it generates large problems,
such as spam and phishing, due to immaturity of people.  So there is a
sort of cultural challenge to use it properly.  Thunderbird helps
that, which is why it is important.

> Tanstaafl had some great comments on this at
>> "I didn't notice anything about supporting the add-on community. ...
>> this plan only targets Thunderbird developers. "
> [...] There is no way that we could reasonably raise enough money
> to reward all of those people at market rates for their
> contributions, and it would fundamentally change the nature of
> Thunderbird if we tried.

Agreed, but how about keeping some records based on declarations by
those who ask for donations?  Some honest statements such that donors
who want to minimize the risk of seeing their most needed add-ons
vanish away can learn which ones are the most urgent.  Would that ever


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