News about summit funding

Kent James kent at
Mon Sep 8 17:08:24 UTC 2014

On 9/7/2014 4:42 AM, Magnus Melin wrote:
> October works for me.
> Indeed it's a victory, but also an excellent example of how the 
> government structure is way too stale atm.
>  -Magnus 
It should be clear now to everyone that current Thunderbird governance 
is inadequate even for the $15,000 per year that seems to be our current 
income. We also seem to be approaching a consensus on the plan to 
directly approach our users for donations, to raise income to hire a few 
people. A reasonable target for that is $500,000 per year, so we really 
need a governance structure that is capable of managing that amount.

So there are three big discussions that need to take place, one on 
governance, a second to clarify the consensus on our approach to the 
future (specifically regarding fund raising and hiring of staff), and a 
third on the summit planning. I expect to initiate those discussions in 
the next couple of days here on tb-planning. Hopefully we can get enough 
clarity that we can have a video made during the Summit that we can use 
for promotional purposes.


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