Regressions in TB 31.x and 33 - take two

Jörg Knobloch jorgk at
Sat Oct 25 18:34:24 UTC 2014

Thank you for your comments on my recent e-mail.

It is great that an old part of the system is being rewritten, it's not 
so good that the regressions are not taken care of quickly. At the end, 
the discussion went off on a tangent focussing on how to track bugs 
required for certain releases.

Let me therefore try to get the attention back to the individual bugs: - red addresses
Highly visible bug, very annoying (RED!), since it gives false 
information about the address used.
address auto-completion broken:
Highly visible bug, leads to mail being sent to people where the 
recipient's name is misspelled (very embarrassing for the sender) and 
will cause ill-formed addresses. Patch proposed but not accepted.
spelling not updated
userChrome.css not honoured
Kent James said: "no visibility". This is clearly not the case. 
userChrome.css not being honoured is noticed by all those who use it, 
admittedly, a minority.
No need to talk about the spelling, it fixed itself. However, let me 
just mention that spell check is noticed by everyone using version 31 
who writes e-mail in more than one language. I can think of many 
countries in the world where more than one language is spoken, including 
in the US, where 1/3 of the population speaks Spanish. Many IT-minded 
people or people in the wider scientific community have to write in 
English and in their native language.

The following two puzzling bugs in 33 beta should be fixed before the 
next "official" version is released, so please apply the "tracking 
magic" to make sure:
preview display of images not working
New mail notification shows garbled sender name

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