Summit Part 2: Funding -- How get attention for a "donation"

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Fri Oct 24 13:28:53 UTC 2014

Hi Kent, hi folks,

no question I very much respect all the work done in the past and the 
recent ideas and discussions about the visibility of a donation "request".

Forgive me, but Thunderbird has to be somewhat "aggressive" to reach the 
goals with 500,000$ fund raising.
And yes, any form of a donation request will nag some users. But having 
the need to get money to have a successful and bright future of 
Thunderbird we need to go that way and not hide our needs.

Sorry about
> .. a couple of years ago, and the general consensus was ..
Did we had the todays situation? Where did the money came from those 
days. Today is different, for sure.

Referring to bug 1087868  helps only partially. Yes redesigning the 
Account Central page sounds OK, and adding the donation request there 
sounds fine for those users which don't like to see an extra tab or 
separate page.

 From my view these points have to be decided:

 1. Place a donation notifier to a very prominent place on the
    Thunderbird UI.
    Think there are good ideas here already

 2. Assemble a good page for donation with why, how, etc.

 3. Place the donation 'page' on
    a\  the start page as it's today, splitted with message list
    b\ show it on a separate tab, there are examples like the Welcome
    page after first installation (if I'm right)

For me the "best" way is to go with:
1. place a menu button together with the Hamburger (needs a new defined 
toolbar, afaik)
This should open the extra tab (3.) with the donation page (2.)
2. a good donation page ... I hope there are clever people out there to 
design it .. someone should define what's on there .. maybe a new bug 
for it?
3. go with a separate tab

To throw in another possibility to get attention for first time user, 
have a look at the extra bar Firefox is using.
Don't we have such a bar also which shows "Know your Rights!" .. or is 
it with Firefox also, don't remember.


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