Regressions in TB 31.x and 33

Magnus Melin mkmelin+mozilla at
Fri Oct 24 06:02:43 UTC 2014

On 24.10.2014 00:10, Archaeopteryx wrote:
> I am considering getting tracking-thunderbird38 and status-thunderbird38
>> tracking flags added that we can use to track issues the we are trying
>> to achieve in our next major release.
Getting the 38 flags showing already is a good idea, especially as the 
in-between "blockers" would not really block unless they were real 
showstoppers. It should probably be tracking-thunderbird_esr38 if we want to 
follow the current convention.

> So, how do we distinguish hard blockers from things we want to get done, but 
> are not essential?

Hard blockers should get tracking-thunderbird_esr38+
"Things we want done" for a particular release, and no staff does not work 
very well together. Even if some things gets a plus, that buys you fairly 
little besides some limited increased visibility.

We could just put [wanted-thunderbird-next] in the whiteboard as things come 
up, and only some limited group would set that. But going through  nominations 
is really time consuming so I don't think it's really worth having a 
requestable flag for it.


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