Summit Part 2: Funding -- How get attention for a "donation"

JoeS joesab2005 at
Fri Oct 24 01:04:40 UTC 2014

The high level button sounds good to me.
It's always there, but not in anybody's way.

Yes indeed, I remember the Netscape Meteors Logo
  It said something to me,
It said:

  * I'm not afraid of innovation
  * You can do what *you* want with this product

That feeling was reinforced when I happened on the Newsgroup 
Netscape.test.multimedia (AOL Server)
These folks did wonderfully innovative things with Newsgroup posts/email 
when most said it couldn't be done.

That's what it's all about in my book
The freedom to do what *you* want to do with your email

And we should try to make that freedom of expression easier.


And that coincides perfectly with the Mozilla Manifesto
On 10/23/2014 5:34 PM, Axel Grude wrote:
> 1. takes very little screen space
> 2. is immediately understood as a command (could be jump to donation 
> page or subscribe to pro version)
> 3. is permanent. I highly recommend making it a color so it sticks out 
> a little. maybe even a subtle but cool animation (does anybody 
> remember netscape) every 20 minutes that can be disabled. It should 
> also "echo" the color / or logo of the landing page so it is 
> understood as an "extension" of the Thunderbird identity.
> 4. Can be removed for the "subscribed version"
> 5. If it is top right or top left it is in a visual hot spot

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