Summit Part 3: Lightning

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Thu Oct 23 21:42:33 UTC 2014

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Betreff: Summit Part 3: Lightning
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Datum: 2014-10-23 22:56
> 2) There has been a sense (rumor?) that Lightning performance was not
> ready to be included with the core product. Nobody at the Summit was
> able to confirm this as an issue, so there was no sense that this should
> be a blocker.

For people will large calendars, this will impact startup time even if 
the calendar is not open. With a fast machine and an SSD, having a 
calendar with 700 events doubles startup time from <2 seconds to 4 
seconds. For more events and weaker hardware, expect higher startup times.

Shipping Lightning with Thunderbird also opens the opportunity to make 
profiles with Lightning cross-OS compatible if Lightning lives outside 
the user profile. The downside is that updating it independent from 
Thunderbird needs more work (and also likely removing Lightning from the 
user profile).

Integrating Lightning makes it also possible to use Thunderbird as a 
standalone calendar client, so the "Do you want a new mail address or 
add an existing one?" dialog should become permanently dismissable in 
that case.


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