Summit Part 3: Lightning

Kent James kent at
Thu Oct 23 20:56:38 UTC 2014

We discussed whether we should ship Lightning with Thunderbird, leaving 
it as an extension, but disabled by default.

TL;DR: We will move toward incorporating Lightning as a shipped addon in 
TB 38.

There are two main drivers for this:

1) Any modern email client is now expected to have integration with 
Contacts and Calendar. Users should not have to search and install to 
find this.

2) In the past, Lightning had to be matched to a specific version of 
Thunderbird. Keeping the two up to date has been a pain point. (Efforts 
have been underway to eliminate this restriction, so this may be a 
non-issue in the future.)

There is also the issue that we would like to see the Calendar 
contributors viewed as first-class members of the Thunderbird community. 
To that end, three Calendar contributors were at the Toronto Thunderbird 

Objections in the past were:

1) Mozilla staff had their hands full just with email, and did not feel 
they could take on Calendar as well. (With the de-staffing of 
Thunderbird, this is no longer seen as an issue. Thunderbird and 
Lightning have similar issues here)

2) There has been a sense (rumor?) that Lightning performance was not 
ready to be included with the core product. Nobody at the Summit was 
able to confirm this as an issue, so there was no sense that this should 
be a blocker.

There are some practical issues surrounding integration, like would we 
still allow updates from AMO? Would Thunderbird ship point releases due 
to Lightning issues? Lightning has specific financial contributions, how 
would that work in Thunderbird?

In the end, all were in favor and nobody opposed attempting shipping 
Lightning as an addon in Thunderbird 38. Practical issues will be 
resolved through normal review processes.


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