Summit Part 2: Funding

Josiah Bruner josiah at
Thu Oct 23 18:01:50 UTC 2014

On 10/23/14 9:09 AM, JoeS wrote:
> I think that a "splash" screen would reach more users.By splash, I 
> mean a full screen popup with, let's say a 10 second timeout. This 
> would be prior to TB start. If this is too invasive to workflow, we 
> could have a "Do not show this screen again" button. That way it would 
> be a one time annoyance.
Even with a checkbox to disable it happening again, I am strongly 
against having a splash screen. Anything that has a negative impact on 
the user's workflow is something we shouldn't do. We are a free, open 
source, no-ads product, but this kind of  popup screams advertisement 
(Even if it isn't in reality). We want this to be visible, yes, but not 
get in the way.
> I have attached a WIP sample of what that might look like.
> BTW the start page only appears in the messagepane, I personnaly have 
> had that disabled for years.
Yes, we need metrics on that, but I have a feeling most people haven't 
tampered with that setting.

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