Summit Part 1: Governance

Karsten Düsterloh mnyromyr at
Wed Oct 22 19:36:58 UTC 2014

Kent James wrote:
> We agreed that Thunderbird will have a group called the "Thunderbird 
> Council" that will be responsible for leading the Thunderbird project, 
> and have responsibility and authority over all aspects of Thunderbird, 
> subject to any limitations that may be specified by Mozilla as owners of 
> the trademark.

> The Thunderbird Council consists of:
> Mike Conley
> Joshua Cranmer
> Kent James
> Philipp Kewisch
> Magnus Melin
> Wayne Mery
> Florian Quèze

Congratulations everyone. :-)
You've picked a good crew to steer through the heavy seas ahead,
I daresay.


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