Summit Part 1: Governance

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Wed Oct 22 04:17:31 UTC 2014

On 10/21/2014 5:44 AM, Axel Grude wrote:
> Also, I would like to see a "monetization" team that help both funding 
> Thunderbird and helping productivity Addon developers to self fund 
> (not necessarily with money, but a proper market-place experience or 
> subscription channels would be great) to make this a better product. 
> We have seen some feedback on people being opposed to monetization in 
> form of /landing pages/ / /asking for donation/s. IMO these users 
> should have an option for a yearly "silent" subscription, e.g. 
> 10$/year. i think a free (as in beer) product should have some way of 
> asking for direct means *to fund itself *(_NO THIRD PARTY 
> ADVERTISEMENTS_!!!). It has to be clear that Thunderbird is 
> independent and as such must fund *itself* independently.
There were also substantial discussions of monetization issues at the 
Summit which I will post about later. TL;DR version is that we will be 
trying to raise income for the project through asking for donations.

We also had a session on "Thunderbird Pro", which would be a version of 
Thunderbird with additional, pay-only features (such as Exchange 
support, or support, or other addons) and would be distributed for a 
fee. The impression I got from that though is not significantly 
different from the previous gathering that you attended. Namely, there 
is not enough interest by other core contributors in this for it to be 
viable at the moment. They don't oppose the concept, but they cannot see 
themselves able to spare 10-20 hours per week to work on it, given that 
they have existing full-time jobs. For myself, the status quo is working 
out, since ExQuilla can provide me sufficient income.

The real answer here is for Marketplace to be ported to work with 
desktop apps, including Firefox and Thunderbird. But TheOne does not 
believe that is likely to happen.

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