Summit Part 1: Governance

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I think this is a great start. Would agree with 3 months seeming short, but since this 
is all new I am sure it stabilize at a bigger period.

Unfortunately I couldn't follow the live event because Vidyo just doesn't play well 
with my Windows 7 setup here but if you guys need another person to speak on behalf of 
the Addons developers (ok you got at least 2 very strong people on the team already) I 
am available! I am still 100% committed to making Thunderbird the best mail client out 
there (especially since I am having to suffer to *daily outlook crashes *at my bread 
job). I must say that the factors *stability and persistance *are actually becoming 
bigger "selling points" the longer I am forced to work in a corporate environment. 
Microsoft probably doesn't have enough good developers to maintain a proper product 
for the desktop (*), so as long as there is a desktop I see a future for Thunderbird.

Also, I would like to see a "monetization" team that help both funding Thunderbird and 
helping productivity Addon developers to self fund (not necessarily with money, but a 
proper market-place experience or subscription channels would be great) to make this a 
better product. We have seen some feedback on people being opposed to monetization in 
form of /landing pages/ / /asking for donation/s. IMO these users should have an 
option for a yearly "silent" subscription, e.g. 10$/year. i think a free (as in beer) 
product should have some way of asking for direct means *to fund itself *(_NO THIRD 
PARTY ADVERTISEMENTS_!!!). It has to be clear that Thunderbird is independent and as 
such must fund *itself* independently.

(*) all their recent efforts point towards thin client / moving programming logic to 
the cloud


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> Gerv,
> Kent did not include it in this email, but the gist of the plan (to my 
> understanding) was to have this initial set of people serve 1 year terms and then to 
> define longer terms and guidelines in some sort of charter. I think we discussed 2 
> year terms at the Summit with ~half the Council up for election each year, but 3 
> year terms is reasonable as well!
> Thanks for your input,
> Patrick
> On Tue, Oct 21, 2014 at 4:52 AM, Gervase Markham <gerv at 
> <mailto:gerv at>> wrote:
>     Hi all,
>     I'm very excited to hear about these changes, which I'm sure will be
>     good for the project.
>     On 21/10/14 03:57, Kent James wrote:
>     > The Thunderbird Core Team nominated and elected 7 individuals to the
>     > Thunderbird Council, with an initial term of 1 year. The Thunderbird
>     > Council consists of:
>     >
>     > Mike Conley
>     > Joshua Cranmer
>     > Kent James
>     > Philipp Kewisch
>     > Magnus Melin
>     > Wayne Mery
>     > Florian Quèze
>     >
>     > The Thunderbird Council got together, and agreed that Kent James would
>     > server as initial Chairperson, with an initial term of 3 months.
>     These terms and timelines seem rather short to me. While democratic
>     accountability is important, continuity and the ability to get stuff
>     done without having to administer elections all the time is also important.
>     I would encourage the Council and the core team to consider perhaps a
>     3-year term for Council membership with 2, 2 and 3 positions coming up
>     for re-election in each of the 3 years (with the initial terms of the
>     initial members chosen randomly). This sort of scheme seems to have
>     worked well elsewhere, with a good mix of change and continuity.
>     Whatever you decide, I look forward to the bright future :-)
>     Gerv
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