Summit Part 1: Governance

Kent James kent at
Tue Oct 21 02:57:20 UTC 2014

We had a great Thunderbird Summit in Toronto, thanks to all those who 
came! We made a number of important decisions as a group, as well as got 
in some good hacking. I'll report some of those results in individual 
posts in case there is any discussion here of the individual issues.


We agreed that Thunderbird will have a group called the "Thunderbird 
Council" that will be responsible for leading the Thunderbird project, 
and have responsibility and authority over all aspects of Thunderbird, 
subject to any limitations that may be specified by Mozilla as owners of 
the trademark.

The Thunderbird Council will be elected by a larger group that consists 
of significant contributors to Thunderbird. We agreed that this larger 
group consists initially of the people who were invited to or attended 
the Thunderbird Summit. We would consider votes taken at the Summit 
(including from video participants) to be valid. There was considerable 
debate over the name of this larger group, and how to choose who belongs 
in this group in the future. Although we agreed to the name "Thunderbird 
Core Team" in a vote, there was enough controversy that this could 
change when we formalize a charter for Thunderbird governance.

The Thunderbird Core Team nominated and elected 7 individuals to the 
Thunderbird Council, with an initial term of 1 year. The Thunderbird 
Council consists of:

Mike Conley
Joshua Cranmer
Kent James
Philipp Kewisch
Magnus Melin
Wayne Mery
Florian Quèze

The Thunderbird Council got together, and agreed that Kent James would 
server as initial Chairperson, with an initial term of 3 months.

Now we need to write a Thunderbird charter that describes this 
governance, and specifies more detail. But we have a defined group that 
can make decisions, so we should be able to move forward.


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