Stepping down from Thunderbird activities

Ludovic Hirlimann lhirlimann at
Fri Oct 17 08:36:37 UTC 2014

On 17/10/2014 10:32, Gervase Markham wrote:
> On 17/10/14 09:23, Ludovic Hirlimann wrote:
>> can you empty your review queue before going ?
> I think what Ludo meant to say was:
> Mark, thank you very much for your hard work on Thunderbird over many
> years, and for instituting an orderly transition. This is very much
> appreciated.
> Oh, and can you empty or hand off your review queue before going? :-)
> Gerv
Yes that's what I meant to say- Mark new the rest I'm sure (Just wanted
to chase reviews queues one more time).


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